Why Customers as Learners?

If you agree: Having a successful business means having profitable customers who stay with you for a long time.

It follows that: To achieve this your people must be able to both explain the value of your product or service as well as ensure your customers extract that value once they have purchased.

The Customers as LearnersTM programme will give your people the capability to deliver better business results at both of these critical points in the buying process.

1. Demonstration of value: - Better explanation of features and benefits and better customer understanding of your value proposition: - Essential for closing sales.

2. Creation of added value by ensuring customer success with your product or service: - This is vital if you want to increase individual account size and gain repeat business. In other words to create customers who will buy more from you and stay with you for a long time.

The problem and the opportunity:
Customers as LearnersTM fills the gap left by sales training and/or technical training.

The gap exists because neither of these train people how to use their technical knowledge to create value.

Ironically this is where there is huge opportunity.

The risk:
Leaving your customer's success to chance is surely crazy! If they do not have success with your product or service - why would they come back for more?

Help-desks are the ambulance at the the bottom of the cliff. "Problem solving, however necessary, does not produce results. It prevents damage. Exploiting opportunities produces results" (Drucker 2004)

Differentiating your business:
These days excellent products and great customer service are mandatory just to stay in the game. Making sure your customers achieve success with your products or services will guarantee they will want to use them again. The key is finding out what they need to learn to have this success and helping them to learn it.

The most powerful force in business today is commoditization. When this process occurs the only way to compete is on price. Unless what you offer is truly unique or ‘uncopiable’, developing knowledge-based relationships with your customers is perhaps the only way to escape commoditization.

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