Who is it for?

The greatest resource any organisation has is the knowledge that resides in its people and yet it is perhaps the most under-utilised. The Customers as LearnersTM programme unlocks the potential value of that knowledge by making it accessible to customers.

Anyone who has contact with customers will benefit from understanding how to communicate more effectively with them and ensure they extract the value inherent in your product or service. Customers as LearnersTM is particularly suitable for:

  • Sales people
  • Technical specialists and professionals
  • Support staff and field advisors

Customised team development connected to your bottom line:
As each business is different and the relationship you have with your customers is unique, we will work with you to custom design a development programme that delivers real business results.  This approach builds team capability where you need it. 

Courses for individual Technical Specialists and Professionals are also available:
For individuals in technical advisory or training roles interested in improving their skills at any stage of their career. Focussed on individualising and supporting an ongoing development plan.

Customers as LearnersTM is designed and delivered by Lab Wilson of Bats Inc Ltd

Call +649 535 6445 or email Lab Wilson to learn more about how Customers as LearnersTM can help your business


Email: lab@batsinc.co.nz   -   Phone: 64 9 535 6445
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