What is Customers as Learners?

Customers as LearnersTM is a novel concept. It is an innovation that fixes a problem and creates an opportunity.

  • The problem is that neither sales nor technical training, equip people to use their knowledge to create value. This leaves a gap in the capabilities of sales, technical support and advisory people. Customers as LearnersTM fills this gap.
  •  The opportunity is increased business through added value creation.

Programme Overview

Customers as LearnersTM is not an event - it is a process: The process starts with consultation to determine desired business results. From there a programme is designed to generate the workplace practices that will deliver those results.

The final programme is developed, in close consultation with you, from the core topic areas described below. These topics can be modified and delivered in a variety of ways to address the particular needs of your organisation. Visit the Bats way of working

  • Customer Service and Value - Understanding the value proposition, the drivers that determine levels of customer satisfaction and how to ensure they return for more.
  • The Advisory Relationship -To be successful, customers will need to learn. Even at a basic level this puts you in the position of the advisor. - What the special conditions of this relationship are and how it enables you to create value.
  • Experts as Teachers - Why most people with expertise or specialist knowledge have difficulty sharing it with those that don’t and what to do about it.
  • Technical Communication - Normal communication is littered with pitfalls. When technical or specialist knowledge is involved the need for accuracy becomes critical. - Where problems can occur, how to overcome them and how to develop deeper understanding.
  • Principles of Adult Learning - Understanding the ways we learn and how to use this understanding to help your customers succeed.


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