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"It's not the value you build into your products and services that counts but the value your customers are able to get out of them. Customers As Learners will show you how to help your customers get the most from the products and services they buy from you. A must read for anyone wishing to create superior value for their customers "
Dr Ian Brooks. NZ's leading expert on Customer Care

Customer as Learners will help you proactively manage your customers’ experience of whatever it is you are offering them. Whether you are selling photocopiers or performing surgery on their brains, being able to share your knowledge will not only help you explain your value proposition but also improve customer outcomes as they learn how to extract that value.

This book explains why so many people with expertise have difficulty sharing it and what to do about it. It takles issues that have sprung up in a world of increasing specialization and exploding knowledge about nearly everything.

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What other readers say:

"If your business sales strategy is to have the cheapest deal or to out advertise the competition, this is not the book for you. If you want to build a growing business with continued momentum and good margins, I recommend this book to you.
Martin Howard. Managing Director, Eden Coffee / Espressoworkz Ltd

"This approach is not for the commission type fly by night personality but for the professional sales person - it is a 'must read'"
Graeme Martin. General Manager, SuperAir Ltd

“A simple yet insightful message that takes away the fear and mystery of selling”
Paul Watson. National Manager, Blackwoods Paykels NZ

“Customers as Learners is both thought-provoking and practical. It’s very easy to read, has many great anecdotes and is packed with take-home value.”
Geoff Rip. Strategy Director, Institute for Learning Practitioners

"Customers as Learners typifies the essence of building loyalty to a brand. Having used the programme myself and seen the success that has also come from colleagues as tangible sales results I would recommend it to anybody who believes that your customer is your best advocate"
Matthew Smith. Director Asia Pacific, Alltech (NZ) Limited

"I enjoyed reading the book. In fact I read it twice; firstly as a young sales agent and secondly as a seasoned sales agent.
As a young sales agent I found it opened the door to some new techniques but more importantly it offered strategies of how to develop value in the customers perspective. It certainly would 'wet the appetite' to learn more and encourage continual improvement."
As an old hand it gives strategies a manager could bring to his or her sales team. The objective is growing sales and business through value add service."
Graeme Martin. General Manager, SuperAir Ltd

"This book clearly defines the issues surrounding communication from an ducationalist's point of view. It effectively addresses methods to improve he passing of knowledge from an expert to those trying to learn from them."
Dr Marcus Hawkins BM BS FRNZCGP. Honorary Clinical Senior Lecturer in General Practice & Primary Health Care, University of Auckland,

Table of contents (PDF)

Foreword by Ian Brooks (PDF)

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